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What is a kettlebell?

The kettlebell might look like a simple bit of kit, but you need to learn how to use it properly to reap the benefits.

Kettlebells, resembling cannonballs with handles, have been used to build strength since at least the 19th century (although similar weights were being used in Russia in the 18th century to weigh crops). It may go back even further, however, as the Ancient Greeks used comparable weights named halteres to build strength.

Kettlebells rose in popularity during the 1990s thanks to Pavel Tsatouline and have been a mainstay in strength training ever since. They are highly versatile and, when used correctly, can provide a workout like no other. You can read about the myriad benefits below:

A whole body workout

A kettlebell is a truly multi-functional tool. Obviously, it helps you to grow stronger, but it also allows you to improve your cardio, condition your body and work on your overall flexibility.

Functional body strength

Training with kettlebells strengthens your body and contributes to stability. You can create definition in your muscles and build strength in your ligament and tendons. Improving your body’s functional strength will help you in your everyday life.

Reduced chance of injury

Kettlebell training involves a dynamic range of movement in contrast to weight machines. Your body must work as a unit to counter the shifting centre of gravity and, in doing so, you increase your flexibility, shoulder strength, and reduce the risk of injury, improving overall health.

Developing your hip drive

It’s all in the hips! Improvements to your hip drive will be revealed when you perform other dynamic movements e.g., jumping, or even striking for the martial artists out there. Kettlebell training will help reinforce your hip strength and build on that power.

Build strength in your hands, wrists and arms

Working with kettlebells will build strength in your forearms, your wrists and develop your grip. The kettlebell is a diverse training tool, but it must be used correctly to get results and to avoid injury. We can help with that!

Greater back strength

Back strength is crucial to improving your quality of life. It allows you to perform day to day tasks with ease and protects against the risks of injury. Including kettlebells in your training is a great way to create the muscle tension required to sculpt a strong back.

Defining "Hardstyle"

Hardstyle kettlebell training has roots in powerlifting and martial arts training and focuses on applying power and tension for maximum output, rather than being concerned with conserving energy as in Girevoy (or ‘sport’ style).

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