WHY barbell?

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Enter the Barbell

What is the barbell?

Master the barbell and develop full body strength!

In a time where gyms are chock-full of state-of-the-art
fitness equipment, how would you even know where to begin? You would be
forgiven for being overwhelmed when you walk through that door for the first

With so many options, it might be easy to forget about the
humble barbell. But the barbell covers all the bases and allows you to build
strength in all the correct places. Unlike machines, which builds muscles in
isolation, the barbell allows you to work multiple muscle groups at once.

This simple kit will give you all the benefits of fixed machines and a whole lot more!

A time saver

The four main barbell exercises (deadlift, squat, military press, and bench press) target multiple muscle groups at once, meaning that you can get a full body workout without having to waste time queuing to use the machines.

Increasing performance

Quality barbell training involves efficiency i.e., teaching the relevant muscle groups to perform as a single unit and move the barbell as effectively as possible. When applied properly, your form will begin to improve and, with it, your strength. On top of that, you will develop greater balance and co-ordination unique to using free weights. This is noticeably different from training with fixed machines, which do not confer these benefits.

Better mobility and posture

Good mobility is crucial to performing barbell lifts correctly and working on this mobility helps to develop muscles which improves your overall posture. Good posture will allow your body to perform barbell lifts safely and effectively.

Building strength in your bones and tendons

It is important that we develop bone strength as we age. Barbell training, and strength training generally, allows muscles and tendons to apply tension to bones, causing them to produce more bone tissue and become stronger. This can decrease the risk of bone-related ailments e.g., osteoporosis

There are so many different types of exercise equipment you can choose from to work out, how would you even know where to begin? If you choose barbell training, you can do everything necessary to keep yourself strong and healthy.

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